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Welcome to Plymouth ECU Remapping


  • 1 up to 35% More Powerful…
  • 2 up to 25% More Fuel Efficient…
  • 3 and More Enjoyable To Drive…

We know that these are strong statements for us to make… But, they are true, and totally provable, well documented facts, nevertheless.

We are not just saying this, this has been documented and is well proven fact... so for increased performance of your vehicle, call us now.

If our services and products do not deliver we provide all of our customers a 'no questions asked' 100% money back guarantee. This is a mark of how confident in our services we are!

You will start seeing savings immediately along with increased power and all-round performance! If you don't or are not completely satisfied with our service, we will refund you right away.

This is possibly one of the most important automotive breakthrough in years, would you like to benefit from it?

You will no longer be wasting money unnecessarily on fuel, and if you are really serious about improving the overall performance of your vehicle, don't hesitate to get in touch and we will get your booked in to re-map your vehicle at the earliest opportunity.

What is Vehicle Remapping and How is it Done?

What is vehicle re-mapping?

ECU remapping is the modern version of Engine tuning, but without costly engine modifications.

ECU ReMapping” sounds much more complicated than it really is and despite the technology being extremely advanced the principal is actually incredibly simple and straightforward.

Basically, since 1999, all vehicle’s built, have been controlled by an onboard computer. This is known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU controls a host of different engine functions including ignition timing, fueling and boost pressure.

Each vehicles ECU contains the manufacturers settings that have been re-set and fixed to manage with sub-standard fuels found in some countries, allow for build tolerances into their engines and to comply with emission targets, operate in areas with extreme environments and allow for some owners irregular service standards and intervals.

Black Flash

Our market leading Black Flash tuning module is fast, safe, reliable and most importantly it provides a risk free connection to the ECU that is able to communicate directly through the OBD support without any need for any kind of physical interference.

How is it done?

  1. The technician downloads a copy of the unique existing file on your vehicle ECU, through the vehicles OBD diagnostic socket.
  2. This file is then immediately uploaded to the BLACK CODE head office, where a personalised upgrade is developed for your individual vehicle and specification.
  3. Within about an hour, the re-mapped file is sent back to our technician and uploaded back onto your vehicles ECU.

It really is that simple. There is no visible modification is made to the vehicle and you will feel the immediate benefit.

So, whether you are re-mapping your vehicle to save thousands of pounds in increased fuel efficiency or whether you simply want a more responsive and powerful vehicle, or both!

We at PLYMOUTH ECU REMAPPING can simply and quickly optimise the settings to make this a reality.

About Black Code & Warranty

About Black Code

Black Code are nationally recognised as the UK’s leading authority on vehicle tuning and ECU Re-mapping.

Unlike many competitors Black Code Maps are custom written, in-house in the UK, with information taken from your individual vehicle and can be designed at your request to provide more power, better economy or a perfect blend of both.

All upgrades are undertaken by fully trained factory technicians ensuring the safest, most reliable and efficient upgrades and we NEVER use generic or off the shelf maps.

And this is all coupled with Black Codes unique Warranty back up program that ensures your manufacturers warranty is never affected.

All Black Codes work is guaranteed!

RELIABILITY We use state of the art bespoke equipment to eradicate the risk of failure.
HIGH QUALITY The equipment used is the most advanced of its kind within the industry.
EXCLUSIVITY We provide cutting edge technology that competitors cannot match.
RESULTS We give provable results and figures.
HONESTY If we can’t improve your vehicle we won’t agree to do the job.
ACCURACY Our re-maps are custom written by our own in house experts.
GUARANTEE We guarantee results with our 100% no quibble refund policy.

(From Black Codes website)


Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

Is your vehicle in warranty? - Not a problem with Black Code.

Your peace of mind is our priority. As a measure of our commitment to strengthening the Black Code service, offering a customer warranty is completed on all software upgrades to ensure total satisfaction. The warranty provides not only a guarantee of repair in the unlikely event of a breakdown after installation, but will also cover for the vehicle if customers have a dispute regarding the vehicles manufacturer warranty

30 - Day Money Back Guarantee

Black Code Ltd want you to feel comfortable with your purchase and we want to demonstrate that in a positive way by giving a 30-day money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied in any way with the installation of our product in your vehicle, then please notify us in writing within 30 days from the date of purchase, we will then arrange to remove the product at no charge provided you deliver the vehicle back to the Qualified Technician who fitted the product within that same 30 days.

  • The purchase price will be promptly refunded to you.
  • A small administration charge may be applied in certain circumstances.
  • This does not affect your statutory rights.

Life Time / Software Warranty - Is your vehicle still within its warranty period?

This is not a problem with Black Code. Your peace of mind is highest priority.

To demonstrate our commitment to strengthening the Black Code service, we offer a customer warranty on all completed software upgrades to ensure total peace of mind. Our competitive advantage is providing fully custom written maps that are specifically designed for each vehicle, allowing for the ultimate software upgrade that is safe, reliable and efficient.

Above all our mission is to exceed our clients expectations, using in-house software development and a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced Technicians.

Questions & Answers

Can a re-map be detected by a dealer servicing the vehicle?

The dealer cannot determine that the ECU has been modified with their equipment, as our software is designed to be non-detectable. Should the dealer accidentally overwrite our upgrade we will happily provide another software upgrade completely FREE of charge.

In some circumstances a car dealership may re-flash the ECU on a vehicle to upload the latest software. If this happens then our modified file is overwritten. So all you have to do is call us and we will reinstall your optimized map completely FREE.

How long will it take?

Re-Maps usually take about two hours from start to finish, however, we endeavour to be as flexible as possible to fit in with your availability and can often find alternative options that can reduce this time further where necessary.

Is re-mapping the same as chipping?

Chipping is an older version of what re-mapping is today, which involved the ECU being physically opened and replacing the main microchip with a modified microchip. Our far more advanced methods mean that there is now no need to open the ECU, risking potential damage and failure.

Do Black Code use generic files?

Unlike many competitors Black Code Maps are custom written in-house in the UK, with information taken from your individual vehicle and can be designed at your request to provide more power, better economy or a perfect blend of both. We NEVER use generic, third party or off the shelf maps.

Will a Black Code Re-map shorten an engines life expectancy?

The simple answer is no; Black Code optimise the parameters within the ECU without exceeding the limits of the vehicles engine.

Can the original settings be re-installed

Black Code always backs up the original file on to our off site secure server so that the original file can be loaded back onto the vehicle at any time.

What risks are involved with re-mapping a vehicle

We are, modesty aside, nationally recognised as the UK’s leading authority on vehicle tuning and ECU Re-mapping. All upgrades are undertaken by fully trained Black Code factory technicians ensuring the safest, most reliable and efficient upgrades.

ECU re-mapping or a tuning box.

Engine tuning boxes generally only increase the fuel pressure and injection periods. This leads to an uneven spread of power and spikes, due to poor quality signal processing. These problems do not exist with ECU re-mapping, because all the parameters of the engine management are adjusted in unison, including torque and turbo limiters which can not be accessed by a tuning box.

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